Digital Automation:M8 and M12 Connectors

With the continuous development of industrial automation intelligent equipment, the manufacturing industry is gradually developing from automation to digital processes. Among them, the reliability of industrial automation field signal and data transmission has become one of the key components. For signal transmission, field protection, installation convenience, and more stringent requirements. As a domestic professional manufacturer specializing in industrial automation circular M8 and M12 connectors, our products strictly implement IEC standards. In addition to conventional products, we can also provide customized solutions according to the actual needs of customers, thus greatly enhancing the adaptability of products.

Co-fly Electronics M8/M12 series circular connectors are small in size and have a high level of protection. Not only for common sensor signal connection but also for data connection of field bus system; such as analog, digital and other equipment to provide reliable electrical connection, for the development of intelligent manufacturing technology.

1. A Wide Range of Products

M8 signal connectors provide 3 Pin, 4 Pin, 6 Pin, and 8 Pin A-code.

M12 signal connector provides 4/5/8 Pin A-code, shielded/unshielded products, mainly used to connect sensors/actuators, etc. in the field; cold-pressed screw compression type wiring.

M12 data connectors provide 4 Pin D-code products for data transmission and support PROFINET/Ethernet bus protocols.

M12 data connectors are available in 8 Pin X-code products for data transmission and support Gigabit Ethernet bus protocols.

2. Easy installation

M12/M8 series circular connectors with internal screws can easily mount with tools for stable and reliable connections.

3. Wide Wiring Range

M12/M8 series circular connectors, using the most mature screw technology currently applied. They have a large wiring capacity and can be connected to all types of wires without any pre-processing, thus creating a durable, airtight connection.

M8 wiring cable capacity 22AWG~28AWG; M12 connector 4/5 core cable capacity: 18AWG~26AWG; 8 core 22AWG~28AWG

4. Application Areas

M12/M8 series circular connectors provide rugged, convenient, safe, and reliable solutions for sensor connections in industrial sites. They can use in non-standard, automotive, lithium-ion, semiconductor, packaging, logistics, wind power, and other industries.

M8/M12 connectors are recommended today for almost all Fieldbus specifications. They are also traditionally used to connect sensors and actuators in automation technology according to the IEC standard with protection class IP67. Correction 1 of this standard describes D-coded 4-pin connectors for industrial Ethernet applications as having a high level of protection.

According to the EIA/TIA standard, the M8/M12 connectors correspond to the technical conditions for transmitting Category 5 modular jacks (RJ45). The use of D-codes prevents their incorrect engagement with A-codes (for sensor and brake wiring) and B-codes (for some fieldbuses).

M8/M12 connectors were not available for printed circuit boards until 2005 when the round M8/M12 connectors with surface mount termination were created. Surface mount termination facilitates the miniaturization of field devices. The robust pins allow them to pass through batch packaging and the corresponding feeding process using vibratory bowls. Another packaging option is tape and reel packaging.

The basic modular design concept results in a wide range of mounting heights and different pin types of connectors. Depending on the user’s requirements, the termination methods offered include surface mount, crimp, or through-hole return technology, with surface mount technology being the standard. The black insulator of the connector consists of high-temperature plastic so that it is not a problem during all conventional surface mount soldering procedures.

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