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Overview of M23 Connectors 

Different Types of M23 Connectors There are two types of M23 connectors, one is called [...]

M12 Circular Connector 6 Pin Specification

The M12 connector is not a new product; everyone is used to classifying it as [...]

How does the m5 m8 m12 connectors and cables waterproof?

  How does m5 m8 m12 connectors and cables waterproofing? Need the m5 m8 m12 connectors [...]

What do you need to know about the M12 8-pin Connector?

If you want safe, reliable, sealed and waterproof power and signal connections between actuators, sensors [...]

The correct way to connect crimp type M12 aviation plug connector

In life, many electronic products use the M12 aviation plug connector. Usually the equipment is [...]

Picture Display of M12 Waterproof Connector

Today focus in sharing pictures of M12 Waterproof connector.Nowadays, there are many types of M12 [...]

Definition and Advantages of M12 Connector

Imagine what would happen if there were no M12 connectors? At this time, the power [...]

New Energy M12 Circular Connector’s Future Development

With the development of the times, environmental protection is a recognized problem in the world. [...]

Electromagnetic Interference Requirements for M12 Sensor Connector

In modern electrical and electronic equipment, the density of the M12 Sensor Connector contacts and [...]

Advantages of fiber optic M12 aviation plug

In the future, fiber-optic air plugs will become smaller and smaller, and the cost will [...]

The Market Development and Trend Prospects of M12 Connector

At present, M12 connector is one of the most popular and widely used connector in [...]

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