Shenzhen Renhotec Technology Electronics Co., Ltd

The Most Reliable and Professional Electronic Supplier is a department of Renhotec Group Ltd focusing on professional connectors, cable assemblies for harsh environments, especially for Industrial and Military use. Our goal is to provide high-performance connectors and cables with reliable quality and reasonable price.

Our Mission

Making Connection Safe, Quick & Easy









Why Choose Us

R&D Service We Provide

Customized Design

Professional engineer team help you with drawing design and provide you suggestions based on your special electrical and environmental performance requirements.

Techonic Upgrading

Establish and optimize the process of the production line. Continuous improvement to make sure the targeted quality yield achieved and products maintain.

Quality Inspection

With professional inspection center to test the electrical, mechanical and environmental performance and ensure the high quality of all the products we produce.

Always Looking for Prefessional & Efficient Solutions?

Renhotec Technical Engingeers Tailor the Plan for You.


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