What are the sockets on the motherboard of the assembled computer

USB jack

When we get a motherboard, we must first understand the usefulness of the slots on the motherboard. Only when you know it, can you know it well.

On the motherboard, you can find a rectangular slot on the edge. The interface with 20 or 24 jacks is the power supply interface for the motherboard. If you don’t understand, you can see the picture below. Generally, 24 ports are used on mid-to-high-end motherboards, which we also call 24PIN or 24-pin interface design. Generally, the 20PIN interface design used on low-end motherboards. But whether it is 24PIN or 20PIN, the insertion method is the same. This socket design is a foolproof design. What is the fool-proof design? It can prevent you from inserting the wrong direction, only the correct inserting method can be inserted.

USB jack
USB jack

Because you need to provide a stronger and more stable voltage to the CPU, when you install the CPU, the CPU has a power cord that needs to be connected to the motherboard. The motherboard will have a dedicated power socket for the CPU near the CPU socket, generally There are three types: 4PIN, 6PIN, and 8PIN. The number is the number of holes, just count it yourself. You can see the picture below. This socket is also designed to be foolproof, so you don’t have to be afraid of plugging it wrong.

Most of this serial port is now a hard disk interface. You can easily find it on the motherboard. SATA1 and SATA2 will be written under this serial port. Usually used to connect to the hard disk. On some big-brand motherboards, a protective layer is designed on the outer ring to prevent damage to the pins. You can compare the following two pictures yourself. When we buy a computer, we usually see 4 USB jacks at the back of the host. However, there are more and more USB devices now, which is no longer enough, so we will design 2 USB jacks on the front. This is the front USB jack. The wiring also needs to be connected to the USB slot on the motherboard.

This is very similar to USB. We can find one red and one green round hole on the front panel, which is the audio jack, which is used to connect headphones and microphones.

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