Push-Pull Connector: The Ideal Solution for Reliable and Secure Connections

push-pull connector

What is the Push-Pull Connector?

Push-pull connectors are circular connectors that provide an alternative to standard threaded or bayonet locking systems for butt connections. For this reason, the quick connect/disconnect connector is also one of the names. The connection is made by simply pushing the plug axially into the socket. The self-locking system allows complete docking by “pushing” to lock the connector firmly. A pull on the cable behind the plug activates the latching system and the connector will not accidentally detach. To detach the connector, “pull” gently on the plug’s jacket, and the latching system will release and allow the plug and receptacle to separate easily.

The Push-Pull Connector is a connection device for mission-critical environments. The purpose is to avoid accidental disconnection. Since 1957, this connector has been common in power distribution and data transmission areas. Thanks to its cylindrical design, the push-pull connector is one of the best choices for flexible use in environments with limited space. This connector offers durable, reliable, and long-lasting performance.


Push-pull connectors can be used in any application where high reliability and top quality are required. These connectors offer contacts with long life and high mating cycles, are suitable for high vibration and shock environments, and provide strong EMC protection.

In the Lemo B, K, and S series connectors, the typical matte chrome plating provides a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance to the connector, suitable for medical applications. In addition, these connectors have multiple keying options and color coding to help prevent the mismatching of similar connectors on the same panel.

Push-pull connectors feature a quick twist or finger pinch to release to reduce the risk of accidental disconnection. This release feature also increases the ease of use of the connector.

Push-pull connectors are available in various interface sizes and configurations, making them very flexible and adaptable to different applications. Therefore, when selecting push-pull connectors, people need to choose the right size and configuration to meet the requirements and get the best performance according to the application’s specific needs.

Application of Push-Pull Connectors

Push-pull connectors are used in various applications in demanding industrial, Harsh Environment Connectors, radio/communications, and medical/surgical fields. These connectors have become essential and critical in many applications with their safe and reliable data and signal transmission.

Push-pull connectors have the advantage of being simple to install yet extremely durable and resistant to the environment.This connector has high protection against dust, gas, mud, water, etc. Includes indoor and outdoor. As a result, push-pull connectors are highly resistant to the environment, including making connections underground and underwater.

Push-pull connectors are also the perfect connector choice for critical medical applications. Their high mix of plug and receptacle configurations and housing sizes make them available in many products to meet the medical needs of the field. This includes electrosurgical devices, pacemakers, hearing devices, ventilators, anesthesia and diagnostic monitors and analyzers, and dental equipment. These medical applications require highly stable, safe, and reliable connectors to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the devices.

1. LEMO B Series

The LEMO B Series is a family of push-pull connectors designed for indoor or vacuum-tight applications such as test and measurement, instrumentation, medical devices, and audio/video. They have a modular insertion configuration and can include a variety of high-density or mixed electrical contacts. Including solder, crimp, PCB straight or bent, fiber optic, coaxial cable, thermocouple, pneumatic, fluid, or high voltage contacts.

These LEMO connectors are available in 8 sizes and over 60 housing styles, including watertight and vacuum-sealed designs. The LEMO B series allows for high packing density to save panel space while providing 360 degrees of EMI shielding. In addition, there are 13 keying options and 9 color codes to prevent misalignment and reduce overall installation time.



The SOURIAU JBX Series are metal push-pull connectors with mixed power and signal contact layouts. These connectors have IP68 sealing, ideal for harsh outdoor applications with temporary or continuous water and dust immersion. SOURIAU’s JBX series often appears in medical instrumentation, robotics, automation control, and telecommunications.

In addition, their rated mating cycles are at least 5,000. They provide 360-degree EMI shielding for proper transmission and signal integrity. These SOURIAU connectors have a high density layout. They are ideal for compact devices due to their small footprint and feature audible and visual indicators to ensure safe and reliable connections.

3. Amphenol Alden Pulse-Lok® Series

Amphenol Alden Pulse-Lok® Series

The Amphenol Alden Pulse-Lok® series of push-pull connectors are available in many different contact types, including signal, power, high voltage and Ethernet. There are also a variety of color-coded options to help reduce the risk of misinsertion and improve safety. Common applications include Amphenol Alden connectors (Pulse-Lok), medical, factory automation, instrumentation, sensors, Harsh Environment Connectors, and communications. Because these Amphenol connectors can withstand a variety of cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization processes, they are perfect for medical solutions. These Amphenol Alden connectors have IP67 sealing and provide tactile and audible mating confirmation for added safety.

Typical Features of Push-Pull Connectors

Most push-pull connectors are designed to be round but can also be square or rectangular, depending on the application requirements.

  • Easy Insertion and Removal: Push-pull connectors offer better insertion and removal performance than other connectors. They are often available with special pull rings, push buttons, or wheeled tools to improve the reliability and user-friendliness of plugging and unplugging operations.
  • High Reliability: The reliable physical and electrical connection due to the metal contact between the plug and the socket makes the connector extremely stable and reliable.
  • Versatility: Push-pull connectors allow different numbers, locations, and arrangements of plugs and sockets to enable many different physical and electrical connection configurations.
  • Miniaturized Design: Fewer inclusions and external dimensions make it easy to integrate into complex systems.
  • Waterproof Performance: Many push-pull connectors are specially designed to be highly waterproof. This makes them more reliable in harsh environments like outdoors, underwater, or in areas with high humidity.
  • Durability: Materials for push-pull connectors include wear and corrosion resistant materials to ensure that the connectors maintain their performance and reliability over long periods of use.

About the Proposal

Lemo B and K series connectors offer great reliability and incredible flexibility for various applications. A large number of plug-in configurations and the diverse contact options make these standard series tremendously versatile. The self-locking technology guarantees solid mating and easy/quick separation when needed. These two series can meet many of your connector needs with sealed and unsealed options, as well as many strain reliefs and other accessories.

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