Introduction of D38999 Connector

Introduction of D38999 Connector

MIL-DTL-38999 connectors are exquisite miniature circular connectors that possess an exceptional, and they are QPL and type connectors specially created to satisfy the rigorous Mil-Spec norms put in place by the United States Department of Defense. These connectors come in various coupling options such as bayonet and threaded, in addition to a choice between metal or composite construction, which further enhances their versatility and suitability for a wide range of applications.

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About D38999 MIL Standard connector, proposed in aluminium, composite, stainless steel, titanium and bronze versions. Here is Mil Spec D38999 Connector advantages:

  • A high contact density up to 128 contacts #22D.
  • A quick screw coupling with self locking mechanism.
  • 100% scoop proof offering polarising options by angular positioning of keys.
  • EMI enhanced protection by shielding ring and shell to shell.

The Series of D38999 connector

D38999 series has series Ⅰ/series Ⅱ/series Ⅲ and series Ⅳ:

D38999 series guide
  • Series I connectors are bayonet coupled and have high-vibration properties. They are scoop proof and are ideal for heavy wind and moisture environments. They are utilised when a fast disconnect coupling system is required.
  • Series II connectors are bayonet type connections, non-slip and low profile. These characteristics make them particularly useful in applications where weight or space is a constraint, or in environments with high levels of moisture, strong winds, or low vibration.
  • Series III connectors feature a quick screw Tri start threaded connection that is non-slip and best suited for normal mating and unmating applications. When used with the correct accessories, they are suitable for use in high temperature, wet, wind or vibration environments. Series III connectors are most commonly used in military and aerospace designs.
  • Series IV connectors are connected by the Breech-Lok mechanism. Non-slip, lightweight and suitable for blind mating applications, they also have high vibration characteristics. When used with the proper accessories, they are ideal for high wind and wet environments.
Series III and series IV

The Superiority of Amphenol D38999 Series III Connectors

Amphenol D38999 Series Ⅲ is the most popular type with widely application.

D38999 Series III circular connectors are high-performance cable to panel interconnects making them suitable for military, aerospace and harsh environment applications. D38999 Series III Circular Connectors are high performance cable-to-panel interconnects for military, aerospace and harsh environment applications.

MIL-DTL-38999 Series III military connectors (commonly referred to as D38999 III) are available in a variety of body styles, contact termination options, body materials and plating. As a result, these connectors are suitable for a variety of electronically, mechanically, and environmentally demanding applications.

These Amphenol connectors provide excellent signal integrity due to the shielded mating system that utilizes 360-degree shell grounding fingers to help provide outstanding protection — up to 65dB at 10GHz.

The MIL-DTL-38999 Series III utilizes 9 shell sizes (A through J) of rear release contact retention in a variety of insertion arrangements and contact sizes, (22D, 22M, 22, 16, 12, 8, 4 and 0 cell). Up to 128 contacts are available in a variety of defined high-density insertion arrangements with reliable three-terminal couplings. Originally designed for the high performance requirements of military and commercial aviation, these circular connectors are perfect for applications requiring extremely reliable interconnections. 

Below are some pictures of MIL-DTL-38999 Series:

Such as D38999/20WA35PND38999/24WB35PND38999/26WA98SN.



Despite its small size, the MIL-DTL-38999 component has remarkable performance capabilities, allowing modern electronic equipment to reach optimal levels of performance. The D38999 connector was originally created to provide energy to aircraft used in World War II. Since then, it has undergone a significant evolution. People now see it in a variety of industrial applications. MIL-DTL-38999 may be a small component, but it boasts remarkable capabilities, enabling modern electronic equipment to operate at peak performance levels.

Originally designed to power aircraft during World War II, this circular connector is now essential to a broad range of industries, including industrial and aerospace applications, such as facilitating economy flights. The 38999 is widely regarded as the preferred choice among electronics professionals due to its exceptional reliability and performance. With ongoing development, this in-demand component will undoubtedly remain the industry standard for years to come.

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