GX Connectors: Versatile, Reliable, and Ideal for Harsh Environments

GX aviation connectors

As the name suggests, aviation connectors refer to the electronic components used in the aviation industry. Aviation connectors are primarily used in the field of power transmission and signal transmission and contain many different types of connectors, such as GX connector. So, aviation plugs and sockets do not refer to one kind of plug and socket. It consists of many pins and can connect up to several pins. GX connectors connect circuits between different devices to pass high-speed data signals.

GX connectors can be used for electrical connections between instruments and electronic devices or for interconnecting wires and cables. And GX connectors are threaded, have stable electrical conductivity and are waterproof. They can provide high-speed, high-bandwidth, low-latency connections that enhance the performance of devices. In addition, the rugged nature of GX connectors makes them durable for use in harsh environments.

GX connectors

Product Categories of GX Connectors

There are many product categories of GX connectors. It is usually classified according to the shape of the connector, material, protection level and other factors.

GX connector type

1. Straight GX connector: In this type of connector, the plug and socket are inserted along the same axis direction, with a simple structure, easy installation and other characteristics. You can choose different plugs and sockets to match according to the demand and can match different lengths of cables.

2. Right Angle GX connector: The plug and socket are mutually occluded in this type of connector. That is, between the plug and socket is 90 degrees of the angle to connect. It has the advantage of a tight structure and occupies less space. Suitable for space-constrained occasions.

3. Butt-Joint Connector: This type of connector fixes the socket and plug in different backshells using threads, connecting the plug into the socket to complete the connection. It has the advantages of being dustproof and waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor environments that must withstand rain, sand and other conditions.

4. PCB connector: People mainly use this type of GX connector on printed circuit boards. Through the metal pins connected to the PCB board, so that the communication between the device and the board and data signal propagation, power supply and other configuration of high-speed connection.

GX PCB connector

In short, the GX connector product categories a wide variety. You can choose the most suitable connector type according to the application’s needs to ensure the stability and reliability of signal transmission.

Features and Benefits of GX Connectors

GX connectors (also known as C091 series) are circular connectors, usually consisting of a socket and a plug, with the following features and advantages.

  • High protection level: GX connectors usually have IP67 or IP68 grade of protection, which can effectively protect against water, dust and corrosion in harsh working environments.
  • High versatility: GX connectors provide a variety of connections (such as PCB connections) in the transmission of various types of signals such as data, signals, and power. It can match a variety of use scenarios and achieve a high degree of versatility.
  • Easy to install: GX connectors have a simple structure design, and installation does not require special tools, and users can quickly complete the installation and removal of the connector, significantly improving work efficiency.、
  • High reliability: GX connectors have a strong, reliable locking mechanism to form a stable electrical connection between the plug and socket, with strong resistance to vibration and shock, to ensure a stable connection between the cables or equipment in the connector during high vibration or mechanical shock.
  • Easy maintenance: GX connectors are designed with a repeatable open design, and the connectors can be disassembled by manual opening and closing, making it easy to clean, maintain and replace.

Overall, the characteristics GX connectors are their high reliability, good protection, multi-function, a wide range of applications, and so on. They are widely used and have become a mainstream product in the connector market.

GX Connector Application Areas

The application area of GX connectors is very wide. Most notably in the aerospace field, to meet the requirements of mobile or vibrating environments. The development of production technology and cost reduction is also becoming common in the civil field.

GX connector application areas

Industrial automation: GX connectors, such as industrial machinery and automatic assembly equipment, are used for automation control and intelligent production. They can provide reliable electrical connections in harsh environments and withstand long periods of vibration and shock.

Harsh Environment Connectors industry: GX connectors are corrosion-resistant, high-temperature-resistant, and shock resistant. They are widely used in the Harsh Environment Connectors field. Similar industrial fields (such as field detection equipment, etc.) are also an important application area for him.

Aerospace: GX connector for their good protection, good vibration resistance, compact, lightweight, and become the connector of choice in the aerospace field. For example, aircraft, missiles, satellites, and other air and spacecraft on.

Communication networks: Various equipment and networks that provide communication services, such as data centers and telephone exchanges, can use GX connector. It is often a multi-purpose connector to achieve a one-touch replacement to optimize the wear and tear of the equipment.

Measurement and testing: In the field of measurement and testing, such as thermometers, flow meters, samplers, and other laboratory equipment often require a person to reconfigure at any time. GX connector can help connect devices, allowing data interaction between devices and easy switching of equipment.

Product Classification

GX series connectors have different classifications according to the size of their openings.

GX Product classification

GX12 series connectors: refers to the connectors in the opening size of the 12mm product series. Mainly used in some small electronic equipment, such as internal control circuit boards and the corresponding display device between the connection and other occasions. This type of connector plug and sockets are mainly rotational plugging and unplugging.

GX16 series connectors: refers to the connectors in the opening size of the 16mm product series. Mainly used in some aerospace, medical equipment, and other high-end equipment.

GX20 series connectors: refers to the connector opening size of the 20mm product series. Mainly used in large equipment, such as heavy machinery, electrical boxes, control cabinets, and other fields. This type of connector plug and socket plug and socket are usually threaded. Its connection is more solid and reliable.

The number after GX indicates the size of the hole in the chassis, i.e., the thread diameter of the socket. GX series connectors are available in different product lines depending on the opening size. The common ones are GX25, GX30, GX35, and GX40. Users can choose the most suitable product for their equipment to connect and thus meet the needs of their equipment.

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