7 problems you must know in manufacturing of aviation connector

With the continuous advancement and development of the times, in order to meet the needs of different mechanical equipment and various fields, aviation plugs have also been adjusted and improved. Today, a wide variety of aviation plugs are available on the market. Aviation plugs are now the most common type of specification, helping people to live and work more easily and quickly in the ever-changing products. High quality aviation plugs are very careful during the machining process.

For the processing of aviation plugs, we should pay attention to the following:

  1. When welding, the operator must control the amount of tin to avoid excessive tin content, which leads to the phenomenon of climbing tin. Usually, the amount of tin soldered to the male seat will be much less than that of the female seat.
  2. When using the constant temperature soldering iron, the staff should try to control the temperature within the scope of the standard and avoid the soldering iron for too long.
  3. When the staff is welding, remember not to carry out partial extrusion, especially for the plastic part of the aviation plug. If it is strongly squeezed, there may be deformation or damage due to contact with high temperature or other conditions.
  4. The relevant maximum temperature range of the furnace temperature curve should be kept at 260 °C, which cannot exceed this range.
  5. 5, we must ensure that when the furnace is over, the aviation plug will not be squeezed by the relevant external force.
  6. In the process of producing aviation plugs, solder paste will be used. We recommend the selection of high quality solder paste and environmentally sound use.
  7. Any staff member must take certain protective measures during the production process.

The above points are the summary of what we should pay attention to during the production process of aviation plugs. It is necessary to know that any mistake in the production process may cause problems in the performance and quality of the aviation plug. If it is serious, it may cause an accident or malfunction during the use process, which may cause our work and life to be imaged.

The use of aviation plugs is now very extensive. With the progress of the times, I believe that it will be used more and more frequently in our lives. I hope that through the brief introduction of Renyi Weiye technology engineers, you can gain a deeper understanding of the use of aviation plugs and related knowledge. For more information on aviation plugs, please feel free to follow the updates on the website.

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