“Meet at Christmas and Wish Birthdays Together” Theme Activity

When the fantasy Christmas PARTY meets the warm HAPPY birthday party, the happiness doubles again. Engraving happy moments, fun, good food, and heart-warming company all the way. The warmest blessings and the most surprising gifts are all here, let’s experience them together below!

Games Part

Our event has three games. Who is the fastest in grabbing water bottles, cooperating to transport ping pong balls and playing chess. These activities not only have the fun of the game itself, but also test everyone’s reaction ability and teamwork. There is a lot of excitement and prizes. The last person and team to win can participate in our lottery. The winning rate is 100%.

The Most Beautiful Renhotec People

The company’s corporate culture has been implemented for half a year. During this period, all employees of the company have actively responded and implemented it seriously. This time, the most beautiful Renhotec people are the best in 2023 who actively practice the values and behaviors advocated by the company.

While congratulating the commended advanced workers, I hope that all employees of the company will continue their efforts, further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission in corporate culture, continue to support and participate in various activities of the company, and create a good cultural atmosphere for the company’s all-round development.

Happy Birthday Together

Joyful songs rang out, and along with everyone’s blessings, friends who celebrated their birthdays in the fourth quarter received birthday gifts prepared by the company. On Christmas Eve, you and I made our wishes together, and may our dreams come true!

In the Renhotec family, we deliver love and warmth and create the most loving collective atmosphere so that every employee can feel warmth, happiness and cohesion!

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