15 Best Suppliers of Push Pull Connectors for 2023

Embark on a journey with us as we evaluate push-pull connectors from 15 different suppliers, each designed for a variety of applications. Whether your field is medical, audiovisual, or aerospace, we’ve analyzed the best connector solutions to enhance your specific needs. Join our exploration and find the perfect fit for your requirements(in no particular order).

01. LEMO


LEMO’s B series connectors are renowned for their unique push-pull self-locking system, high-quality materials, and diverse keying options. They offer a high-density contact design, excellent dust and waterproof capabilities, and are widely used in areas like medicine, testing, audio/video, and industrial control. With the ability to provide custom solutions, these connectors excel in various applications, ensuring quick, safe, and efficient connections.

02. Renhotec


Renhotec‘s self-locking system that allows for quick and easy plug-in and unplug operations. This system is designed to resist vibration and impact, ensuring a secure connection that prevents accidental disconnections from cable pulling, offering absolute safety and reliability. The connectors are characterized by their exquisite self-locking mechanism that guarantees a firm and reliable connection. They employ a logical key position design that prevents blind insertion and supports a variety of key position transformations. These connectors are admired for their miniaturized and sophisticated structural design, which is ideal for applications with limited space. The all-metal structure of the connectors further enhances their performance by effectively providing shielding. This blend of features makes Renhotec’s push-pull connectors a reliable choice for various applications.

03. RS


The Souriau JMX series plastic push-pull coupling connectors offered by RS feature a push-pull locking mechanism that allows for secure mating/unmating with just two fingers, along with auditory and tactile indicators for reliable mating. The JMX connectors can be mated over 2000 times. These IP68-rated connectors prevent liquid ingress and liquid jetting, whether mated or unmated. They are designed specifically for indoor and outdoor high-reliability applications that require a quick and convenient method of connection/disconnection, withstanding up to 5000 mating cycles. 360° EMI shielded metal shell provides reliable signal integrity performance even in high vibration and high impact environments.

04. Fischer Connectors

Fischer Connectors

Fischer Connectors’ circular push-pull connectors utilize a unique push-pull automatic locking system developed by the Swiss company, widely adopted in the industry for its ease of use, secure pairing, and quick connection and disconnection. These connectors are incredibly valuable in situations requiring quick, secure connections, with their intuitive locking mechanism enabling easy and fast plug-and-play. With a simple push-pull action, users can effortlessly connect and disconnect devices, saving valuable time and effort in critical applications. This mechanism also ensures ultra-reliable connections, even in harsh environments where vibrations, impacts, and other external factors may be present.

05. Amphenol Aerospace

Amphenol Aerospace

Amphenol Aerospace’s 2M Ram-Lock features a positive push-pull locking interface, making it highly suitable for applications where accidental unmating is a concern. Users can quickly disconnect connectors equipped with Ram-Lock, which provides them with peace of mind. Unmating the connectors only requires pulling on the plug’s operating sleeve instead of the cable. This feature ensures easy and secure disconnection without putting strain on the cable. The use of ball bearings for locking and traditional D38999 EMI bands for shell-to-shell conduction allows for more stable and reliable engagement between the plug and the socket.

06. JAE


JAE’s JB5 series connectors are small circular connectors with an IP68 waterproof rating. Their push-pull mating structure makes them easy to insert and remove. They feature high environmental durability and a user-friendly design, making them widely applicable in medical, measurement, and communication equipment, as well as handheld PCs, scanners, and other small devices.

07. PEI-Genesis


PEI-Genesis offers the LEMO K series IP68 push-pull connectors, specially designed for outdoor applications. The LEMO K series IP68 connectors include an inner sleeve and two seals to prevent solids or liquids from penetrating the shell made up of the plug, free socket, fixed socket, or coupler. According to the IEC 60529 standard (when mated), all models in this series can achieve an IP68 waterproof rating when correctly assembled onto the appropriate cable (IP66 when unmated). The LEMO K series connectors are made from components and can be configured into thousands of unique connectors.

08. Amphenol Communications Solutions

Amphenol Communications Solutions

Amphenol Communications Solutions’ Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) connectors for industrial applications can directly connect Ethernet to peripheral devices such as sensors, actuators, and vision system cameras, operating at speeds of up to 1 Gb/s. SPE eliminates slow, expensive, and complex fieldbus protocols and connections by simplifying and standardizing existing and new industrial network systems. These connectors feature an IP67 protection level and use a push-pull circular shape in M12 size. Robust right-angle and vertical PCB mounting, as well as solder cup SPE sockets, can mate with field-terminable plugs, providing a completely shielded interface with a latching feature. They can handle currents of up to 4A and support Power over Data Line (PoDL) functions for distances up to 1 kilometer.

09. CDM Electronics

CDM Electronics

CDM Electronics’ Amphenol NEXUS Ranger series of push-pull audio, signal, and power connectors are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. This brand new series of small-sized circular connectors feature single-action push-pull locking and disconnecting functions, an IP68 moisture protection level, and a wider operating temperature range. They have a rated mating cycle of over 5,000 times. The Ranger series’ lightweight, yet durable, black chrome-plated aluminum bodies are robust enough to meet the most demanding harsh-environment/aerospace and harsh environment application requirements.

10. JPC


JPC offers push-pull connectors in a variety of colors, made of plastic and metal, with straight, free, and fixed sockets. These FDA-approved biocompatible materials have an IP50 protection level and offer welded and printed contacts. Push-pull connectors are a type of electrical or electronic connector designed for easy and safe connection and disconnection of cables or devices. That’s correct! Push-pull connectors are designed to be inserted and removed with a simple push-pull action, eliminating the need for twisting or rotating. This makes them ideal for applications that require quick and frequent plug-and-unplug connections, such as computer peripherals, medical equipment, and industrial machinery. The ease of use and reliability of push-pull connectors make them popular in various industries where efficient and hassle-free connections are essential. They provide a reliable and efficient way to establish and break electrical connections without the need for additional tools or complex procedures.

11. ITT Cannon

ITT Cannon

ITT Cannon’s Push-Pull Series (PL Series) is a versatile, cost-effective solution suitable for demanding medical and industrial applications. These plastic interconnects offer high quality and durability, making them an ideal choice for critical operational performance. The PL Series is available in 2 to 14 circuits, capable of withstanding over 2,000 mating cycles. It offers six keying options and seven color coding, allowing for extensive customization. Whether for single-use or reusable applications, the series offers exceptional versatility. The self-locking mechanism allows quick and easy mating and unmating. Connectors are lightweight, robust, and durable, meeting medical-grade quality. PL Series cable sizes range from ø 2.7 mm to 6.5 mm. Users can sterilize them with gas or steam. Furthermore, it is compatible with existing industry solutions. Additionally, value-added cable assembly options are available.

12. Phoenix


Phoenix Electric’s M12 quick-lock connectors offer convenient connections with a push-pull quick-lock system, ensuring safe tool-free plugging and unplugging even in tight spaces and high wiring density situations. Models with an internal lock also allow for a compact housing design.

13. Amphenol Pcd

Amphenol Pcd

Amphenol Pcd’s Velok is a small, lightweight, and user-friendly rectangular connector designed primarily for medium to low power applications in aerospace and harsh environments. Its compact design allows for use in limited spaces. Velok’s spring latch requires just a press to lock or unlock the connection, making mating and unmating effortless. The press lock offers convenient single-hand tool-free mating. The connector provides a visual confirmation of whether the locking indicator correctly mates. The Push-Mate and quick-release features help to reduce assembly personnel fatigue.

14. Smiths Interconnect

Smiths Interconnect

Smiths Interconnect’s HyperGrip is a circular plastic, user-configurable, color-coded connector with a push-pull latching design that allows one-handed disconnection. HyperGrip’s design meets the requirements of the medical industry, such as finger protection in accordance with IEC60601. Its flammability meets UL94 standards and is compatible with most disinfection requirements. The series includes disposable plugs in HG2 and HG4 sizes, designed for overmolding and high-volume production. These plugs can withstand at least 30 cycles while ensuring connector performance.

15. Amphenol LTW

Amphenol LTW

Amphenol LTW offers a range of push-pull mechanism connectors for easy and efficient mating and unmating. The FLOS and FLOS+ series are all-metal solutions for data, signal, and power transmission, featuring corrosion-resistant coatings and 360° EMI shielding. They have IP50/IP68 waterproof ratings, UL94V-0 flammability rating, and rated currents from 1.5A to 35A. The MPronto-12 M12 push-pull connector is 100% backward compatible with standard female M12*1.0 sockets, in accordance with IEC 61076-2-101 standards. MPronto-12 offers IP67, IP68, and IP69K protection levels, saving over 80% of installation time. You can DIY assemble cables using existing parts, and MPronto-12 supports various coding options. Moreover, the HS-Lok connector provides audio feedback and a guide key design for easy foolproof blind mating, along with IP68 waterproof functionality. HS-Lok supports low-voltage power and data transmission up to 5A and offers contact configuration options, including hybrid (power+data).

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