What is the Difference Between GX12 Connector and GX16 Connector?

The GX12 and GX16 connectors, as circular connectors, play pivotal roles in various applications. Yet they differ significantly in terms of size, pin count, and current-carrying capacity. In this post, we shall delve into the distinctions and similarities between GX12 connector and GX16 connector, as well as explore their diverse applications across various domains.

Similarities Between GX12 and GX16 Connectors

The connectors are both round in shape and have a set of pins or sockets that can be connected to other devices. They are also commonly used in various electronic devices such as computers, televisions, and appliances. One notable similarity between the GX12 connector and GX16 connector is that they are both used to transmit signals. Specifically, they can transmit electrical, data, or power signals, depending on the particular device and application.

Difference Between GX12 and GX16 Connectors

1.Dimensions and Pinouts

There is a significant difference in size between the GX12 and GX16 connectors. The GX12 connector is typically approximately 12 mm in diameter, while the GX16 connector is approximately 16 mm in diameter, making the GX16 connector relatively large. This size difference can affect the connector’s compatibility with certain devices and ease of use in certain applications.

In addition, the size and pin layout of the connectors determine their voltage and current carrying capacity. The GX12 connector has a rated voltage of 250 V and a current carrying capacity of 5 A. The GX16 connector has a rated voltage of 400 V and a current carrying capacity of 10 A. Therefore, when selecting a connector, it is necessary to choose the appropriate GX12 or GX16 connector to ensure the reliability and stability of the connection.

2.Number of Pins

GX12: GX12 connectors are available in a variety of pin configurations, typically 2 to 8 pins.

GX16: Compared to the GX12, the GX16 connector has a higher pin count, typically 2 to 14 pins. The difference in the number of pins affects the type of signals the connector can carry and the devices it is compatible with.

GX16 connector pins

3.Current-carrying Capacity

GX12: Due to their smaller size, GX12 connectors typically have a lower current carrying capacity than GX16 connectors. They are suitable for applications with moderate power requirements.

GX16: GX16 connectors are larger and have a higher current carrying capacity, making them more suitable for applications requiring higher power transmission.


GX12 connectors are often used in audio and video equipment, sensors, and small electronic devices. In computer peripherals, GX12 connectors are widely used to connect printers and external hard disks for data transfer.

GX16 connectors are widely used in aerospace, industrial machinery and high power electrical systems, mainly for transmitting data and power signals. In the field of computers, GX16 connectors play an important role. Especially in connecting the computer’s central processing unit (CPU) to the motherboard, efficiently transmitting data and power, enabling these two critical components to work together, process and perform tasks. In addition, GX16 connectors are used in applications that require high voltage and current carrying capacity, such as communication systems, radar equipment and control panels in the aviation, aerospace and defense industries, as well as in industrial machinery, generators and electric vehicles.

GX16 Connector in 3D Printer

5.Waterproof and Environmentally Friendly

Both GX12 and GX16 connectors are water and dust resistant. Waterproof rating is typically IP55. These models are suitable for outdoor and harsh environments. They are effective in establishing an electrical connection between two devices in wet environments such as rain, humidity and pressurized water.


The GX12 and GX16 connectors are not compatible with each other as far as pin arrangement and design are concerned. They have different pinouts and dimensions and are therefore not directly interchangeable.


In conclusion, the GX12 and GX16 connectors are circular connectors that differ in size, pin layout and application. GX12 connectors are suitable for small devices and low power applications. The GX16 connectors are for high power applications and complex systems. When selecting a connector, it is important to consider voltage and current carrying capacity, as well as size and pinout. By understanding the differences between GX12 and GX16 connectors, you can choose the right connector from Renhotec for your application and ensure a reliable and secure connection.

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