The GX Connector of Aviation Connector



Aviation plug socket connector, as the name suggests, refers to the connector components used in the aviation field, and is a general term for connectors in the industry.

There are countless connectors used for power transmission, signal transmission, etc. in the aviation field, and the product range is extremely wide. Therefore, the aviation plug socket does not refer to a model of the plug socket.

Different connector manufacturers that produce connectors for the aviation field are also different. For example, Amphenol AISG, Binder M12, M16, Weipu, etc.

Application Areas

GX series are suitable for electrical connection between instruments, electronic equipment, wires, and cables or through the wall partition connection, GX series threaded connection, stable electrical conductivity, and has a certain waterproof function.

Safe and reliable, it was first applied in the aviation field to meet the requirements of moving or vibrating environments. With the development of production technology and cost reduction, the civil field also began to be generally applicable.

Now it is widely used in aviation, navigation, computer, communication, petroleum survey, navigation, anti-theft device, transportation, mechanical electronics, and other fields.

Oil Exploration
Mechanical Electronics

CCTV Security System

Rear View Camera

Vision System


Mechanical Equipment


Product Shapes

There are three GX series profiles. The threaded metal housing connection is used.

Plug shapeSocket shapeDocking shape

Product Accessories

1.Plugs have the straight and right angle

2.Sockets are available in double-threaded type, single-threaded type (through-wall type), with standard installation and flange type.

Diagram of the Connection Method

A. Standard type connection method:

B. Butt joint connection method:

Product Classification

GX series have different products according to the opening size. The common ones are GX12, GX16, GX20, GX25, GX30, GX35, GX40, etc. (The shape of the product is the same, only the size is different)

The number after GX represents the thread diameter size of the socket.


GX Connector External Dimensions

Plug shape
Connector Specifications L ΦA Φa ΦB Φb d D
16 35.7 Φ13.5 Φ6.4 Φ18 Φ12.7 9 M16×1.0P
20 41 Φ17 Φ8.2 Φ21 Φ15.5 12 M19×1.0P
25 50.5 Φ22.5 Φ11 Φ28 Φ21.5 13 M25×1.25P
30 55 Φ25.8 Φ13 Φ33 Φ25 13 M29×1.0P
Plug size
Socket shape
Connector Specifications L ΦA Φa ΦB a b D
16 Φ35.7±0.2 Φ24 Φ13 Φ16 8.8 2 M16×1.0P
20 Φ32±0.2 Φ25.5 Φ16 Φ19 11 2 M19×1.0P
25 Φ41.8 Φ34 Φ22 Φ25 12 2.5 M25×1.25P
30 Φ45.5 Φ37 Φ25.7 Φ29 13 2 M29×1.0P
Socket size

GX12: 2pin, 3pin, 4pin, 5pin, 6pin, 7pin, opening 12mm.

Plug size
Socket size

GX16: 2pin 3pin 4pin 5pin 6pin 7pin 8pin 9pin 10pin, openning16mm.

GX20: 2pin, 3pin, 4pin, 5pin, 6pin, 7pin, 8pin, 9pin, 10pin, 12pin, 14pin, 15pin, opening 19mm.

GX30, DF30: 2pin, 3pins, 4pin, 5pin, 6pin, 7pin, 8pin, 9pin, 10pin, 12pin, 14pin.

GX Connector Flange Type Plugs

The difference lies mainly in the fact that the socket has a round, square, or diamond-shaped flange tray with holes in the tray, which are fixed with screws.

Accessories: waterproof cap

GX20 Flange:
2pin, 3pin, 4pin, 5pin, 6pin, 7pin,
8pin, 9pin, 10pin, 12pin, 14pin, 
GX25 Flange: 2pin, 3pin, 4pin, 5pin, 6pin, 7pin,
8pin, 9pin,  10pin,  12pin, 
opening 25mm, female head black bakelite diameter 21mm.
DF30 GX30 M30 Flange: 2pin, 3pin, 4pin, 5pin, 6pin, 7pin, 8pin, 9pin, 10pin, 12pin, 14 pin  connector, opening diameter (i.e. male diameter) 30mm, female black rubber diameter 25mm.

Note: DF Zhejiang Dengfeng GX series aviation plug, Dengfeng company did earlier, so some people also use DF name.

Production Process and Material

1. Shell Material: Zinc alloy/copper Nickel plating

    Process: Copper – Turning – Plating Zinc alloy – Die-casting – Plating

2. Needle Material: copper, nickel/gold plating

    Process: Raw material – Turning – Nickel plating – Gold plating

3. Insulator Material: Black Bakelite

    Process: Raw material – Turning

4. Accessories Nuts, gaskets, waterproof rings, protective caps: Rubber

Zinc alloy

GX Connector Pin Layout

GX series solder type pin number layout

Insulator end face for pins (J)

GX16 solder type pin number layout
GX20 solder type pin number layout
GX25 solder type pin number layout
GX30 solder type pin number layout

Front-loading Reverse-loading

GX16 Reverse Mount
GX16 Reverse Mount

Single-sided threaded sockets

Through-wall Socket

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