How to Choose M8 Connector and M12 Connector

How to Select M8 Connector and M12 Connector

The M8 and M12 connectors are both waterproof circular connectors commonly used in applications such as sensors, actuators, automation, industrial Ethernet, robotics, and more. The main differences between them lie in their size, locking thread, coding type, pin count, and applications.

What are M8 and M12 connectors?

The M12 connector is a circular waterproof connector with a 12mm locking thread. It typically has a minimum IP65 protection rating, ensuring reliability in the presence of liquids or dust. M12 connectors find wide application in connecting sensors, actuators, industrial Ethernet, and fieldbus devices. They are suitable for harsh industrial environments and even corrosive environments.

M12 connector 4 pin
M12 connector 4 pin

On the other hand, the M8 connector is an electrical connector designed for waterproof applications. It features a circular shape with an 8mm connection diameter, hence the name M8. Users can find various styles of this connector, including straight, angled, and panel-mount options. They can wire it using either screw or spring terminals. M8 connectors are a common choice for connecting sensors, actuators, and other devices in industrial automation applications. They are also prevalent in the automotive industry, as well as in process control and instrumentation fields.

M8 4 pin connector
M8 4 pin connector

M8 Connector Types

a. M8 Cables: Manufacturers produce M8 cables as overmolded M8 connectors with pre-wired cables in a variety of lengths, gauges, cable jacketing (PVC or PUR), and connector configurations, whether shielded or unshielded, based on the specific application requirements.

b. M8 Field Wireable Connectors: Users can install cables in the field without wiring. Shells are available in PA66 or zinc.

  • Plastic M8 Field Wireable Connectors
  • Metal M8 Field Wireable Connectors

c. M8 panel mount connectors: front or rear mountable, available for PCB mounting and can be referred to as M8 PCB connectors.

  • Front panel mount M8 connectors
  • Back panel mount M8 connectors
  • M8 PCB Connectors
M8 types

Five Key Considerations to be Aware of Before Purchasing M8 Connector

1.Types of M8 connectors: Firstly, it is important to determine the specific type of M8 connector you require. Such as pre-wired (shielded or unshielded), field-wireable (metal or PA66 housing), panel-mount (front or rear mount, PCB mount), or splitters, coding types, male or female, straight or right-angle, and pin count.

2.Electrical parameters of M8 connectors: The current-carrying capacity of M8 connectors is crucial as it determines their suitability for different applications. Due to their compact size, M8 connectors with more pins generally have lower current-carrying capabilities. Typically, a 3-pin M8 connector will have a higher rated current compared to an 8-pin M8 connector. If the rated current of an M8 connector does not meet the requirements. It may be necessary to consider larger-sized connectors like M12 connectors. M8 connectors are more suitable for applications with lower current and size requirements.

3.Installation environment and size requirements: The feasibility of using M8 connectors depends on the available installation space. If the height and width are sufficient, individuals can make the choice between straight or angled connectors based on the available space. In situations where space is limited, it is advisable to consider smaller connectors.

4.Varied environmental requirements: Different M8 connectors may lack features such as waterproofing, shock resistance, or corrosion resistance, which are necessary for use in harsh environments.

5.Lifespan of M8 connectors: Some connectors may remain undisturbed for extended periods once installed in a device. It is important to consider whether long-term exposure to water, oil, vibration, or other environmental factors could impact the connector’s IP rating. Additionally, the design lifespan of the connector should meet the reliability requirements for maintaining secure connections within the equipment.

M12 Connector Types

There are different types of M12 connectors just like M8 connectors:

a. M12 cable: pre-wired M12 connector, overmolded, one or both ends, shielded or unshielded, PVC or PUR cable jacket, with straight or right angle shape, customizable cable length.

b. M12 field wirable connectors: screw, solder or crimp termination, PA66 or zinc alloy housing, straight and right angle shapes, selection of the right cable diameter and conductor is important.

c. M12 panel mount connectors: front or rear panel mount, PCB mount, with M12, PG9 or M16x1.5mm locking thread.

d. M12 splitter: T-type, Y-type or molded splitter with cable.

e. M12 to RJ45 adapter: Panel mount M12 adapter with M12 and RJ45 connectors.

M12 types

Tips for Choosing M12 Connector Include

1.Application requirements: according to the application environment and requirements, choose the right M12 connector model, compare the parameters of different connectors. Such as current, waterproof level, coding type, number of cores, installation space and so on, and choose according to the actual needs.

2.Reliable manufacturer: choose the manufacturer with influence and strength, consider the brand influence and quality implementation standards, and comprehensively consider the price and risk and other factors.

3.Material: pay attention to the impact of the material of M12 connector on the technical parameters and protection level, such as the material of the pin, the material of the connector shell, consider the conductivity, anti-oxidation performance, current-carrying capacity, protection performance and other factors.

4.Stability: Consider the stability of data, power or signal transmission, including current-carrying capacity, shielding function, protection level and other factors to ensure stable and reliable transmission.

5.Quality: Select quality products with low failure rate, consider the quality and reliability of the connector to avoid problems with the whole system due to connector failure.

6.Harsh environment tolerance: Consider the waterproof performance of the connector and tolerance in harsh environments, such as water vapor, oil, high temperature, acid and alkali, and other factors on the connector, select the connector with sufficient protection performance.

Comprehensive consideration of the above factors, the choice of M12 connectors suitable for specific application requirements, to ensure the reliability and stability of the connection.

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